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Krym/9999 Tequilajazzz
Art rock, alternative
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We figured this record requires a comment, a press release or simply a just few words to clear some things up, so… here we go:

The Tequilajazzz band members were working on these two songs in the fall of 2009. However, as you may know, our last album never came to be, but, to celebrate the 17th birthday of Tequilajazzz, we decided to share a couple of slices of our birthday cake and release some songs off that record.

So here they are, Mbtes of our celebratory dessert. They may be seen as the first step or the last gesture – either way can be both, the truth and a lie. It's all in how you perceive time.

Though we weren't able to record it with the original TEZZZ members, we carefully tried to keep all the amazing parts inspired by Dooser and Oleg Baranov as well as other TEZZZ signature sounds, to preserve the authenticity of this mini release.

Many of our old friends, known through the project, also contributed to this release:

Andrey Aliakrinsky - sound engineering
Vadim Sergeev - guitar
Oleg Emirov - keyboard
Evgeny Fedorov - bass, vocals, keyboard

Also, it's a great pleasure to introduce our new friend:
Marc-Oliver Lauber – drums

This EP was recorded and mastered at the "Dobrolet" recording studio in St.-Petersburg (August 30 - September 1, 2010).

Today, on September 4th, we publish it to celebrate the 17th birth day of Tequilajazzz.
Happy Birthday, our dear listeners and loyal friends.
Happy Birthday to Sasha, Kostya, Oleg, Andrey, and well… me as well.

Evgeny Fedorov
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Posted by Tequilajazzz on 03 September 2010
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Отличная работа!
24 Feb 2012 08:20 am
На счет этой темы,скажу,что очень вкусная аранжировка в ней!Думал,что с образованием ZORGE,не будет того коллорита,что присутствовал в Текилле!Аннн-нет,все таки ошибся!Приятно слушать все того же Женю,с неподражаемой стилистикой вокала!Так держать!!!
28 Feb 2012 05:32 am
Начало мощное! Жаль, что не сложилось с записью полноценного альбома :(. Вокал Евгения Федорова - вещь поистине УНИКАЛЬНАЯ!
08 Jun 2012 07:15 pm